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The brain can integrate up to 50 languages.

Les Salons Francophones

Les Salons Francophones have been established in 2013 as the "Waterloo Conversation" and now changed to “Les salons francophones”. Until end of 2017 it was mainly a conversation group regularly meeting in small cafés with a French native speaker there to help correct mistakes and pronunciation. The group only speaks in French.


The group has shut his doors on 14th July 2019 with an account of 968 members. marketing services

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Les Salons Francophones
Conversation groups & tutoring

One-to-one tutoring

I have been tutoring people who want to learn French as a foreign language since 2011:

  • Adults or children.

  • From complete beginner to advanced / fluent level

  • Adapted to your needs: personal motivation or academic

  • Adapted to your learning process (auditive / visual etc.)

  • You can choose between Grammar / Conversation or a mix of both. I curate the classes according to how you feel comfortable and provide bespoke advice.

  • Wide use of learning support material: exercises, songs, articles, books, film extracts, simulation of situations in real contexts.

Working across places & partnering with small businesses across London to find 

the perfect atmosphere to teach.

Get in touch to discuss partnership

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